Message From the Founders

As the founders of GDK we created videos to help students understand mathematics as well as be able to ‘do’ it. We believe this to be the proper use of video technology in the 21st Century.
The videos we see on the internet did not address understanding. They portray mathematics at the symbolic level something that any educated adult could do with a student, that is show how to ‘do’ mathematics.

We decided that GDK would be very different. We decided to construct videos to help students create their knowledge by understanding mathematics so the symbols they use in writing mathematics make sense. Just like in language arts, what students write must make sense to them so they can learn. This places the student at the center of learning.

We decided that true understanding must include a focus on oral as well as written language. It is our belief that what we say to students is extremely important in leading them to write mathematics properly.

The People Who Are GDK

FrankHeadShotMaria DeLucia is a Professor of Mathematics at Middlesex County College and works in professional development in the Greater New York Area. Maria has led both NSF and MSP professional development grants for mathematics teachers K – 12, has consulted on mathematics teaching and classroom uses of technology for local school districts and has taught mathematics education courses at both the community and senior college levels…Read More
FrankHeadShotFrank Gardella is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Executive Director of a Mathematics Center for Learning and Teaching. Frank has worked as a mathematics teacher and supervisor in public schools and is the author of books and articles on the teaching of mathematics. He is also the Coordinator of an Elementary Mathematics Specialist Program. He has been a speaker at both regional and national conferences and a consultant for mathematics teaching. As seen in the videos, his major interest is the link between modeling, language development and symbolic representations in the learning of mathematics.…Read More
Bob-Head-Shot-IIIRobert Kaplan has been a technology consultant and videographer for NSF and MSP grants at both the community college and senior college levels. In his school career, he has taught technology at all levels in public schools and is an adjunct professor in Educational Technology for in-service and pre-service teachers.…Read More
Andrew Zweig has over 35 years experience in the education industry as a teacher, administrator and sales/marketing professional. He has worked for some of the top Ed. Tech companies in the world including Apple, Texas Instruments and Casio and has been involved with use of technology in education since its inception back in the 1980’s. He holds a Master’s Degree in Technology in Education and a Professional Diploma in School District Administration and has delivered over 300 seminars and presentations on the use of technology as a tool for integrated and lifelong learning.…Read More