The GDK M4 model reinforces learning by connecting Kinesthetic learning to Symbolic understanding by using video lessons, each comprised of four unique, but connected videos. What makes these videos unique is that the screen depicts the view that shows what the student sees from his/her workstation.

You can watch a brief sample lesson on Equivalent Fractions below.

Watch a full lesson on Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Trading below.


In this first video fraction bricks are used to introduce equivalent fractions. Students watch, listen and develop an understanding of the topic.

In the second video fraction bricks and words are used to begin recording the work. This step is what really separates GDK from other learning models. Reading and writing are critical parts to the education of a child. In this video, Bricks and Words, the same material is covered from the first video, but recorded on a separate page. The written language is used. i.e. Fractions are written using language – one-fourth, one-half, one-sixth.

In the third video, fraction bricks and symbols are used to begin the transition to formal mathematics. Continuing from video two and using the same material the work is now recorded using mathematical symbols. One-fourth is now written as ¼, one-half as ½, and one-sixth as ⅙. The understanding of these mathematical symbols is more understandable to children because of the internalization fostered by the written words of the previous video.

In the fourth video only symbols are used to further develop procedural fluency. At any time a class, or individual student needs to review and/or reinforce previous material these videos are accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.